About Us

We are a global software provider in the digitization and automation of asset processing solutions to the financial services sector.

Our software transforms the way our clients’ process assets.

We originate and service any asset class until the end of its use.

Our clients hold over $100 billion in assets and in transactions on our software platform.

We save time, reduce labour and workflows and lower costs for our clients.

Sectors we Service




Life & Pensions




Funds Management



Assets & Receivables


Rewards Programs


Trusts & Alternative Structures


Amalgamations & Restructures


Our Vision

To be the ‘glue’ that sits at the heart of an organisation digitizing, automating and managing the exchange of data from multiple providers so our clients’ processes are made simpler.

Our Values

Our people, processes and technology help our clients get the most out of their business.

Our Values
We are guided by our core values – to be diligent, perceptive and collaborative and remain transparent in our dealings as a company and a Group.

We must always be working hard to maintain trust and pursue the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We must think ahead to identify any issues before they arise, and anticipate our clients’ needs.

We must listen, and bring ideas and solutions to the table to create a two-way relationship and constantly strive to build strong relationships with our clients, stakeholders and industry participants to build a solid track record for success.

We explain what we can do and when we can do it and be clear on how we can help.

Our Mission

By understanding the challenges facing participants in financial markets, and the global markets we all are part of, plus the increased regulatory, reporting and client demands, we innovate by developing new services to help our clients succeed.

We understand that markets and services operate in an increasingly connected, complex and regulated environment. Technology brings us even closer through disruptive changes that are happening both locally and globally. New regulatory requirements keep developing while companies work to reduce capital and transactional costs. This gives rise to outsourcing needs.

That’s why we have remained focused on our corporate vision of leading process change through financial technology. But we can’t do this without innovation and our people and trusted advisers and partners.

To be a trusted provider, we must:

  • Leverage its experience and expertise to deliver end-to-end or bespoke solutions that meet our clients business requirements.
  • Invest in people that develop the next generation of technologies and services for ease of use and flexibility that reduces costs and improve productivity.
  • Present client solutions from their perspective that meet both local and global specifications.
  • Grow a team of highly skilled and dedicated people that foster a strong culture to succeed both domestically and globally. Be a leader in the markets we operate to be an innovative partner.

No matter your business vision we want to help you make it a reality. Learn more about us by just looking over our website and check for any updates.


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