About iPaaS

iPaaS: integration-Platform-as-a-Service

What problem do we solve?
Financial institutions use multiple systems across a wide range of functions, and as most of these systems can’t or often won’t talk to each other, this creates delays, costs and errors.

The concept of integrating applications has existed for many years but in many companies, the process of integration has been an afterthought. New applications get added with integration projects tackled on an as-needed basis.

When companies ultimately do move forward, companies often use a patchwork of integration strategies and ultimately can end up with mainframe systems, APPs’ and other software applications across a business. In some businesses this is hundreds of applications. We help companies change the way they do business and lessen their workoad.



Critical Outcomes
Data integration and the capture of our client’s workflows are critical to them that gives the client the power of:

  • A fast, secure and highly scalable solution.
  • Reduction of costs, money and time by helping to eliminate disparate systems and data.
  • Rapid deployment with low software coding and reporting to any smart device.
  • Elimination of human touch points in product processing stages.
  • Removal of data silos that prevents an organization from achieving critical business insights.
  • Tracking, reporting and processing of assets with touch points across the front, middle and back office.
  • Increased analysis, business intelligence and flexible reporting metrics for efficiency and consistency across an organization.


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